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Background[ edit ] Jordan, a former barber, was linked to the deaths of between eight and ten women between and ; he was the first Canadian known to use alcohol as a murder weapon.

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Jordan's lengthy criminal record started in and includes convictions for rapeindecent assaultabductionhit and rundrunk driving and car theft. Tibor Bezeredi as part of a court proceeding. Bezeredi diagnosed Jordan as having an antisocial personalitydefined by Bezeredi as "a person whose conduct is maladjusted in terms of social behaviour; disregard for the rights of others which often in unlawful activities".

He is considered a serial killer as he was linked to the deaths of between eight and ten women, but was only convicted in the manslaughter death of one woman.

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Typically he would find women in bars, and buy them drinks, or pay them for sex swx encourage them to drink with him. When they passed out, he would pour liquor down their throats. Although the newspapers often described the women as sex workers, not all were involved in sex work. The first woman known Gilbeet have died by alcohol poisoning while in Jordan's company was in As would become a pattern, a switchboard operator named Ivy Rose was found naked and dead in a Vancouver hotel.

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Her blood alcohol level was 0. No charges were laid.

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He sfx also looking for sexual gratification. Similar fact evidence showed Jordan had been with the following women at the time of their deaths: [9] Mary Johnson, November 30,at the Aylmer Hotel, Blood alcohol level:. Some sources indicate that she was a white woman, not a heavy drinker, nor was she a sex worker. She "was an alcoholic and a taker of various kinds of drugs.

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A month after her death, another woman, Edna Shade, was found dead in another hotel. After being questioned, Jordan had not been charged with any crime related to Buckner's death. However, police initiated surveillance on Jordan. Between October 12 and November 26,police watched him "search out native Indian women in the skid row area of Vancouver.

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On four different occasions they [the police] rescued the woman involved before she too became a victim". I told you that.

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Jordan was tried before a judge alone. Justice Bouck found Jordan guilty of manslaughter in the death of Buckner. After his release, he was placed on probation which restricted him to Vancouver Island.

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In Junehe had been charged with sexual assault, assault, negligence causing bodily harm and administering a noxious substance—alcohol. After the loophole was closed, he wex the application.

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He was found guilty and sentenced to 15 months in jail, followed by three years' probation and strict conditions. Burkley was a long term resident of the hotel and had a serious drinking problem.

Burkley was taken to the hospital by her friend and hotel employee, Cathy Waddington, after finding Burkley in very bad condition. Waddington identified Jordan as being there, but he was acquitted of those charges in He is partially bald with grey hair and a grey goatee. He has blue eyes and wears glasses. He uses alcohol to lure his victims. Not to be in the company of any female person or persons in any place where alcohol is being either consumed or possessed by that person or persons.

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If you observe the subject in violation of any of the above conditions please call the Saanich Police Department ator your local police agency. If you have questions concerning the public notification process please contact the BC Corrections Branch at The program described the forensic work used to convict him in In the Womam, the writer focused on the story of the victims in an attempt to redress the failure of the news media to do so.

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The crime series, set in Vancouver, portrayed a serial killer using alcohol as a murder weapon and stalking women involved in sex work. The portrayal departed Gilbrt the facts by having the killer die before he could be arrested; he was murdered by one of his victims' brother, tipped to his identity by a detective.

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