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In October, federal and state officials arrested 14 men in connection with an alleged plot to kidnap Whitmer and put her on trial for "treason. Conditions deteriorated along the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and Honduras on Monday as Hurricane Iota approached as a Category 5 storm with lashing winds and rising storm surge.

We woke up without electricity, with rain and the surf is getting really high," Yasmina Wriedt told The Associated Press. Wriedt was in a coastal town near Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, on Monday, the area where Iota is expected to make landfall.

Wife wants sex tonight IA Independence 50644

However, fuel shortages were complicating evacuation efforts, Reuters reported. Joel N. An incredibly close-up Indepebdence of the eye of Iota shortly after it was upgraded to a Category 5 storm on Nov.

Wife wants sex tonight IA Independence 50644

The center of Iota was situated about 55 miles east-southeast of Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, the same area where Hurricane Eta blasted onshore less than two weeks ago. After Iota makes landfall, it will Indepebdence only the second time in history that two hurricanes have made landfall in Nicaragua in one season. The only other time that this occurred was in when Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Edith crashed ashore.

The back-to-back strikes could cause the humanitarian crisis in Nicaragua and Honduras to worsen, Myers said. Homes were submerged in some communities in northern Colombia, stranding residents on their roofs while waiting for help to eants. At least three fatalities were been reported in Colombia due to flooding and mudslides.

Wife wants sex tonight IA Independence 50644

The substantial damage caused in Nicaragua and Honduras could lead to an uptick in the wholesale price of coffee as the two countries lead Central America in coffee production, ing for around 8 percent Independennce the world's coffee output. Matthew began the pattern inand Indepndence and Maria continued the trend infollowed by Michael inand Dorian and Lorenzo in This is the longest streak of consecutive years with a Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic basin since records began.

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Iota rapidly intensified over a hour period to reach Category 5 status. In this hour window, maximum winds spiked from 90 mph to mph and the lowest barometric pressure in the eye of the storm plummeted a staggering 1.

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The drop in pressure alone is more than twice what is required for a winter storm to be called a Independnce cyclone," which is usually a drop of 0. This is the fourth time that a hurricane this season rapidly intensified and one of the most extreme intensifications on record, according to meteorologist Sam Lillo.

Even after reaching Category 5 status, the highest and most extreme classification for a hurricane, NOAA's GOES-East weather satellite continued to detect lightning in the eye of the storm. When lightning flashes frequently like this, it is an indication that a hurricane is still strengthening.

Wife wants sex tonight IA Independence 50644

Lightning detected in the eye of Hurricane Iota on Monday as Inddpendence neared landfall in Nicaragua. However, it is not out of the question that another storm could make this exclusive list before the end of The next name on the Atlantic hurricane list, now well into the Greek alphabet, is Kappa.

Across town at the White House, Trump is more focused on getting credit for the vaccine development push and blocking President-elect Joe Biden from getting the information needed to ensure the new administration can smoothly take over the fight against the pandemic.

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