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Model s : Anja RubikIbrahim Kamara. Stylist: Ibrahim Kamara.

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Makeup: Hiromi Ueda. Hair: Cyndia Harvey. The force of impetus with the will to surviveā€¦ will forever honor her plight to thrive.

Vogue l officiel numero photographer

This story celebrates the artistry of gender identity and sexual fluidity. Learning to more deeply appreciate the independence of spirit and story. This explores the arc of evolution and the beauty of becoming. Turning your center from soft to steel.

Vogue l officiel numero photographer

And, those still under the blanket of disbelief, Vogur among the most dangerous souls on the planet right now. Let the words write themselves. As stupid as that sounds.

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Ever exposing the essence of avant-garde exploration. This talented photographer does double duty. Providing separate magazine layouts that play together while giving the essence of independence. Each image is unique to the particular side, yet distinct in the overall scenic appeal.

We have a rare chance here. To think out loud. This is about discovering the distinctness of de. She has an amazing ability to take us right through the lens of her camera.


Traveling inside the eye of the artistic storm. Thereby allowing us to see beyond the scenic sugar, and settle deep into the soul of the story. A mosaic of mental stimulation makes her imagery so exciting. Accompanied by a subtly that speaks to a solemn calm.

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Fueling the intellectual fire, her works are masterful. The cohesive nature of this editorial allows it to evolve. Elevating the experience to one of emotional connection not physical attraction. Her images are firstly very smooth.

Vogue l officiel numero photographer

The eyes ride over the visual content with a kind of neo-ease. There is no abruptness to the exposure. Connections of creativity mark each scene, melting into the next like a layered dream. Burning through ideas like scraps in a field of dreams. This is a generation moment in our history. We need not to just try, we need now to fly, high. Her direction is ohotographer.

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His is open and refined. Together they make pure magic.

Vogue l officiel numero photographer

Rubik is beyond fierce in a white, Fendi jacket that appears as if it has been outlined in black. Stripes of random lines races down either side, including the lapels and breast-pocket.

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A bold look that packs a dramatic punch. The jacket falls open enough to expose her naked chest, showing dark lines marked over her breasts, as if ofifciel add dimension. Putting a cherry on top. Anja is transformed, with haute hair that takes her from a blonde into a fiery red-head. Weir wages a war of wonder and wielding grace.

Vogue l officiel numero photographer

The cohesive nature of the entire story plays to the poetry of the piece. Defiant yet subtle soft yet chic. These colorful combinations are numeo and unique.

Vogue l officiel numero photographer

Both allowing each outfit a moment to shine while still blending into the backdrop. We get a chance bumero view them in their entirety. Like a library of fashion each piece is merely a paragraph in the chapter of couture. We have a rare chance to think out loud.

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Ideas come in hot, then we feel we have to extinguish for fear they will burn. There are no throw away ideas. Making us whole and stirring the soul.

Vogue l officiel numero photographer

This celebrates the art of being. Beauty burns as the world turns. Like paint on a canvas so are the tones that awaken the.

This is less about the becoming of beauty as it is the actualization of artistry. Art is a Celebration. Art is Then. Art is Now. Art is Forever.

Hair ColorRedhead
Bust size30
SeekingI Look For Real Swingers
Eye ColorBlue