Silverthorne blows need friends



IC Inventory The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times.

These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. RP Limits I like to consider bloas a flexible player who is willing to commit to a of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot.

Silverthorne blows need friends

No's are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask. I prefer stories that last over time as opposed to one off scenes.

I also reserve the right to veto plots. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. There are Silvertnorne of backstory that are left intentionally vague so that details can be later added as developed through creative writing or in role-play revelation.

Feel free to use Common or Uncommon rumors freely, if you want to use a Rare Rumor as a plot hook or to spark RP, I would ask that you send me a tell first, to make certain it's alright. OH Hey don't forget to tell them about the Shinies!

Silverthorne blows need friends

Optimal Opulant Crystals are shiny! It's very easy for me to forget things rather quickly.

Please don't take offense, and just laugh about it with me here. Character Lore Adherence Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be blos with a grain of salt.

Anything that has had to be changed because of lore shifting will be noted below.

Hair ColorSexy
Bust size34
SeekingLook For Sex Hookers
Eye ColorGreen