Sex with married ladys in Portland Oregon



I picture us cuddled up on the couch on Sundays watching football together with me in nothing but a sweatshirt and panties. Us making out between PPortland I picture day drips to city, you teaching me how to golf, me cooking for you, and many more Ideally, you are ambitious, honest, genuinely caring, and even a touch romantic. You are the kind of guy who leaves me cute texts in the morning for me to wake up to with a smile.

Sex with married ladys in Portland Oregon

You love my head on your chest in bed and even though we both have our own lives and alone time, you genuinely miss me when Im not there. I am certainly not perfect, but I have to believe that I'm perfect for at least 1 person.

Sex with married ladys in Portland Oregon

What most women don't seem to understand is that if the chemistry is not right, nothing works. Most of the women that I have encountered are more materialistic than they claim, even though they say they are Otegon.

Potland all want travel, to go boating, to go to casino's, to receive gifts, to be wined and dined etc etc etc. I am middle aged, a single white male who is employed.

I own a car and a home.

Hair ColorThick
Bust size36
SeekingReady Couples
Eye ColorBlue