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The clubs are nude and no contact, scx make about equeal money on stage as you do on private dances, and many clubs don't charge a house fee. I wouldn't reccommend that a rookie dancer get her start in Seattle clubs. The laws are weird, and if the dancer breaks the law and is Portland strip club sfx, she has all the responsability ie; the club is not held able for the dancer's actions and the dancer is charged Portlannd prostitution.

I have worked with many girls from the Seattle area, and they claim that the best money is at Bachelor parties and the like. If you are interested in doing parties, D-lux Entertainment is a good agency to work for. The get a lot of business, and only take a small percentage of the booking fee. Megan had a lot of really great info for you and I won't repeat what she said, but check out the magazines on line and they will give you good info about the Portland club scene.

This is a new rule, and the it goes fully in effect in March. That means the two or three juice bars in town are going to be over run by underage dancers trying to make a living, so if you are of drinking age I would reccommend staying away from the juice bars.

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THey don't appear to have a website. What happens at bachelor parties? What exactly is expected? I understand that clubs like the Dolphin and Stars are good to work at. A friend of mine told me that you could be under 21 to dance there, you just couldn't hang out on the floor where alcohol is being served - basically you have strjp be dancing or asking for a dance to be out there, and there is an area for you to hang out jailbait corral!

As far as bachelor parties, I do a lot and usually the main focus is on embarrassing the bachelor. I think striip are a lot of fun and I have Portland strip club sfx a really good experience with it so far. PM me if Fsx can help with more info. MeganAM Hello, it's me again. With the new law that just took effect January 1, there can be no dancers who are under 21 in clubs that serve alcohol, in any capacity. This takes full effect, as Paris said, on March 1.

The only dancers who are under 21 that can work until March 1 are the ones who began dancing in the club before August 15 of last year. After March 1, they too can only stgip in a juice bar. It's kinda all complicated and stuff. We have well over 30 strip clubs, three free monthly magazines, and over dancers. The Dolphin clubs and Stars are more barbie-like than I tend to do well at being freaky goth chickso if you can handle working with a lot of implants and tanned bodies, you may do well there.

That's not my scene, so I don't work there. They seem to have more goth girls than most other clubs. Have you seen the gorgeous young blond that dances there with tattoos and piercings all over her face and lips? IcemanI've seen the girl with the zipper tattoo at Union Jack's, but I can't remember how long ago. I know she was there awhile ago, but haven't seen her there for awhile now.

I was thinking that she moved on, maybe I've just missed her. LittleBigHornWent to my fave strip club last night the Acropolis for dinner -- and some entertainment. I haven't been there for a couple of months, but my fave dancer still remembered my name.

Portland strip club sfx

My favorite dancer was also at the Acropolis Poftland was an all-natural woman with vine tattoos up and down, and deep eyes. Have not been there for a year, but may need to see if she is still dancing? Diet Coke clug, Saturday visit in early afternoon to Sugar Shack. Two dancers. She spent entire time sitting on my lap and allowing access on top and below. Very high prices and I was not tempted. I rated her about a Next went to Chantilly Lace.

Cute blond maybe petite P Next time she was onstage I told her I was interested and confirmed full nude, full touch. She delivered spending most of the dance facing me with tit in my mouth and atrip other hand busy below. She did not touch me though.

Portland strip club sfx

Compared to Ricks in Seattle good value I believe. I returned around 6 to Sugar Shack and there were 3 dancers. Off they went but they left the private room early into the second song. I talked with guy later and he said he got the Portlannd suggested but it sounded as if most time spent on him. I like the full lighting of the dance stages. PeteI was there Saturday night about 11pm. I found the Shack pretty crowded. There were several cute girls, I got a show from a gal that has danced there for quite some time.

I really lcub having to go back and forth to see who is dancing at the time. The girls Portlsnd float from place to place. Now that the third spot has opened it is even worse. I did try the do you "date" approach. It got me a "sounds good, let's try it soon". I told the girl that I would rather give her the 50 buck than the Shack. Also if you meet the girl outside of the shack she saves stage fee if she isn't going to work.

So the girl is getting 90 bucks more than giving you a sstrip at the Shack. Saturday visit in early afternoon to Sugar Shack. BenwinI am coming into town over the next few days and the Sugar Shack seems like the place to go. I need some tips though. How do I approach the girls?

Portland strip club sfx

How much is too much to pay? BenwinI am looking for any tips on the strip clubs Anybody have any advice or suggestions? LOve the feedback I have read so far I justdont want to waste my money for an air dance!! Most, if not all of your answers are contained within. Don't be lazy. Wolf BenwinIn my post I stated that I read the posts but wanted additional info.

In fact I indicated htere had already been great feedback. Way to give me the thumbsdown. Kinda sad when somebody asks for more info and you put em down. PeteSorry Benwin You have all the information you need here. Get out there and "Just Do It". Report back and contribute, you will find people much more loving. RadeonproWent out on Thursday night. Cruised around NW, nothing but a black SW in blue Portland strip club sfx. Drove back to 82nd, saw a dark-skinned brunette near Powell, she's was gone when I turned around.

Then also spotted couple girls walking together, one is black, and one is white. The white chick looks good from distance, however, there was a cop car sitting right across the street, so I didn't even thought about stopping for her. Nothing else too excited in 82nd, went home before midnight. Kudos to Jackson on this great site.

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I have been noticing that after a club gets mentioned or alluded to ala Sugar Shack recently that the t gets busted. Executive Tan in Milwaukie closed shortly after it was mentioned here and turned most of the other places into law abiding establishments. While this might be good for the morals of PDX, it makes it difficult for the average monger to get a good hookup other than on the streets which is dangerous on many different levels. I've used both SWs and LPs. While LPs are much more expensive, you don't have to worry about cash-and-dash and 50 rolling up on you in the middle of some entertainment.

Don't want to bust anyone's balls here, just food for thought. Maybe somebody has a good idea for identifying these places without giving a tip to LE? Gus PeteI would love to exchange more information, but it just doesn't seem a good time right now or certainly this isn't the right platform. Sugar Shack is on the radar screen for sure.

Portland strip club sfx

Executive Tan was busted by the county Clackamas I believe. Portland PD and Multnomah County are busy taking care of streetwalkers, I think they just keep Pogtland the Shack lower on the priority list.

The Yahoo Group several years back was great. I am not sure but I think it was taken down because of a boyfriend of a dancer at the Shack. It is difficult to figure out a good time to go, it is damn near impossible to find out who is dancing. I am getting too old to drive there late at night just to see. The regulars are great, but variety is nice too. I thought perhaps it could be mentioned who to stay away from. The drive home sucked, it was about at night.

Well past my bedtime. Hey Fellows: Long time, no post hope everyone is well. Gus Red DogYes please. For certain all of LE's evidence doesn't come from discussions in these forums, but let's not add fuel to the fire. When we are specific in our reports and reviews, it does give them more cause to harass at least, some of our favorite places to hang out.

The less them dumb fuckers know, the better! Red DogThere used to be a strip club in Umatilla. It's been about five years since I was there. It used to operate in an old restaurant on the opposite side of the street, and a little west from the Texaco at the junction. If it's still there, just ask at the Texaco. Them trucker's will know. If Portland strip club sfx is still there, I would think one could get lucky, as most of the girls working were transient, and some staying at the motel next door.

They ain't making a killin' working in a strip club i Umatilla. Diet CokeYes please. If we do not share info here then this whole thread should be eliminated. Four dancers at Sugar, including M After watching the line up dance I talked with Honey, a black girl, about a dance. It turned out her meaning of full touch did not include "below". Next went to Chantilly Lace that had around dancers and spent several hours there and back in Sugar Shack.

I talked with several dancers. I prefer petite to rubenesque. Most seemed to offer full nude, some okay with touch, but I strio none that would confirm "full touch". One said that was "for the show". I later regretted not trying several that had said touch okay. Several were very cute and had some fine tits. Later in the afternoon the of girls seem to drop off a lot with only 2 in each place. PeteBoy, M I have had a few dances with her, but Portlland shows.


Good day girls are hard to find. As I said in my last post, it is a real drag driving out there at 10 or 11 at night just to find the "hustle" girls are working. I forget when the shift changes are, but often times that is a good time to catch a lady. She Portlaand to go home with some money in her pocket. Good Portlabd I never tried to drum up anything, but I have heard some ladies explain to guys what they were asking for was illegal.

Everyone knows the "best and the most" clubs can be found on PDX East. Myself I dont care for the Sugar Shack hustle its just another jackoff t. No way. Same goes for the LMPs no thanks. Anyway here is a couple of decent topless ts: Double Dribble is up Powell, around th. Friendly casual dive just the way I like 'em. There is like 3 pool tables and a long bar, where the Bartender girls go topless.

Portland strip club forced to close, so dancers now do delivery

The 1 stage is well lighted with a nice wide counter in U-shape. This is a key feature, clubs with a wide meat rack. Move the ashtrays and beer bottles aside. Girls lay on the rack for that dollar. This was daytime and there was 2 girls working. One blonde with a saggy figure but she laid back and spread her X-large pussy lips, oh yeah. I double tipped her. The other girl, a big butt head case, got mad when another guy asked her point blank if she did Greek.

The 1st girl returns, rolling her eyes like, hey girl 2 is wacko. Spre her loose giggler again and hustled me for a table dance, way back in the corner. Quite a show.

Beavers Inn another tiny friendly hole in the wall. They dont even advertise in Xotic Mag note, clubs who do not advertise in Xotic, are not even listed! Anyway Beavers has some fun slogans like "Home of the Hairy Beaver" etc. I was not disappointed.

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Small t with 1 stage, a girl comes out with this bushy muff and large hanging boobs, wearing ass high fishnets. She gets naked 1st song and proceeds to display the goods. This place seems to strup dancers working any given time. They are not Stars Cabaret type Agency girls so if your lookin for Showgirls, head elsewhere. But you will find some real gems here and its casual. You can chat with the chicks between sets, there is a tiny table dance area in back corner also.

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Note, varies from girl to girl. Some of the dancers do Topless Only on stage, then hustle you for a Bottomless table dance. D-Street is like tavern alley a long white ghetto full of cheap bars. If youre into working these places some tail can be found. Kind of like "Dallas" except its Pallas. Like the dude who owns this place could not spell "Palace" Portland strip club sfx guess, hehehe Any more strip club Reports? Anyone been to Soobies lately? Red DogResponse from Diet Coke- "If we do not share info here then this whole thread should be eliminated.

I was just suggesting a little discretion with regards to "extras. In the afternoon there is a hot looking black bartender. I thought, man if only she danced. I grabbed a seat at the stage, and lo and behold, she was on the next set. There's a 53 year old dancer there as well. Can't dance for shit, but pretty well preserved.

Fun to talk to. One of my other favorites is Pop-A-Top. For me at least, there's a lotta fantasies fueled there. Private shows ain't bad either. They've been around forever in there current decorum, and it's pretty well kept up. Sharon the bartender has been there forever. I like familiar faces. There is also a dancer that's been there for a few years Marie. Until you've followed that ass across the parking lot I don't go for the showgirls, and neither of these places has them.

But way better attitudes in either place, and there are some hotties! At my age they're all hot! I wanted to asked another girl but she seemed to disappear after dancing onstage. I know the dancers wonder between there and Chantilly but is there a third place they go? They are not going to do a dance or show but just seem to leave but not the front entrance. Went over to Chantilly partly to see if girl I wanted to talk with was there, she was not. Again around 5 or more dancers there.

Watched a cute Hawaiian girl dancing and I was only one at PPortland tip rail. Asked her the above questions and got a yes. She is long haired and has very small tits and nipples and named A She delivered. After dance, went back sat down, not at rail, and another cute one approached me for a dance but declined to offer full touch. She also delivered as promised. I do not ask the bigger or older dancers, preferring youngish and petite. PeteThere is a "third" spot, it is on the east side of the building, where King's Table was.

Some of the girls float over there to stage dances. It gets very little traffic. I see no reason to go over there, I have seen two girls max in there at sttrip same time. I went to Pop-A-Top Ozone Nothing there but the same old tired girls in lounge chairs outside.

Portland strip club sfx

I then went to Chantilly Lace, closed until later, Video Visions, nobody there, it was only open for girls from SugarShack to bring guys over for shows. SugarShack two dancers, one was M Off to Dillinger's I went.

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I drove home after driving 40 plus miles for a zilch, nada, uninspiring trip. HohawkI'll admit I'm a strip club addict. I probably average about 3 or 4 nights per week at various clubs around Portland, so I thought I'd add my comments to this conversation.

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