Need a shower partner



Shower sex: 14 tricks to get it right - how to have sex in the shower

Soap can be your friend when it comes to showering with a lover. Ahower fact, I've been turned on by both scrubbing and being scrubbed by a partner in the shower.

It's an amazing way to get clean and erotic all at once. Take that soap, shampoo, or body wash and ask your partner what they want you to do with it!

Need a shower partner

I love having clean hair, but I also love orgasms, so why not both? If you think of soap as a useful way to give a massage, then you can make sure you leave the shower feeling clean, rather than feeling like you need another shower.

14 things women want you to know about showering together

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Need a shower partner

Rejuvenation skin care therapy. Shutterstock There are risks to showering with a partnerand it's important to make sure you're in the right physical state.

Need a shower partner

That's not to say everyone would faint in the shower when hungover, it's just a useful piece of information to keep in mind before engaging in a sexy shower. If the hot water would be too much for you, it's always OK to say no to a shower with a partner or to literally anything.

Also, not all types of sexual interactions are equally fun in the shower. If lube is something that improves partned sexual activities for you, then these activities might be best done outside the shower. Additionally, shower sex still comes with the risk of STDs and pregnancyaccording to Cosmopolitan.

7 reasons why you shouldn't shower with your partner - dublin live

Keep in mind the risks of showering with a partner to make sure the experience is safe for both of you. Showering with a partner can be an absolute blast literally, if you have good enough water pressure, or, um, other kinds of pressure.

But you can spend some time talking about what you want to share, and what you don't want to share. Here, a few things experts say you should consider doing together in the bathroom, as well as a few things you may want to talk about first — in order to feel closer together. While it's not something you need to do every day, it can be a small way to get "real" with each other — and it can help you both ease into more intimate moments that are likely to come along down the road.

As Gusoff says, "If a couple is looking for some 'safe' intimate bathroom bonding early in a relationship, taking a shower together is probably the most comfortable place to start.

Need a shower partner

But what could be more bonding than showering at the same time? It may sound strange, but there's a reason some folks are into it.

Need a shower partner

And you may be inclined to burst into the bathroom, without knocking first. But it's always a good idea to allow each other some privacy.

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