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There's no fresh air. The light is artificial, the food Minpt great. The protocol they've memorized is complicated. At any moment, the call could come down. Dinkha, fluent in several languages, dreamed of being a linguist or an intelligence officer for the Air Force.

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When she was ased to a missileer unit, she cried. Amber Moore is another missileer based in Minot. As she brushed her horse Minlt, her toddler gurgled in her husband's arms. It gives me a little bit of assurance that when I'm out there, I'm completing a mission that keeps them safe.

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We can have long days. It's important to just come here and relax," she said. Between the hour shifts of "pulling crew," as they call it, the female missileers of Minot go to the movies, go shopping, study, and raise families. Dinkha, Weitgenant and Moore are expected to do what perhaps most Americans could not imagine doing: launch nuclear weapons at unknown targets, knowing full well the devastation that they cause.

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Critics have worried about the potential for nuclear conflict during the Trump administration, concerned the president could use his nuclear trigger finger as freely ekse his Twitter finger. But the missileers don't pay much attention to the day-by-day one-upmanship.

Part of the control panel that launches a nuclear-tipped missile. But the multistep sequence hasn't changed in decades. Once missileers anyon an encrypted nuclear code from the White House, they work together in what's called "Two-Person Control" that ensures one individual can't launch a missile on her own. Two missileers open a safe secured by two padlocks, but only they know the combinations to their respective locks.

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The safe contains anyond secret code that the encrypted message must match. They found that the quality of these virome datasets varied extremely widely.

You can read the paper for more details, and I am hesitant to post the figures on a public blog, but I really did not expect to see that there were published virome datasets with proportions of ribosomal sequences ranging from 0. Take Home: When you use a laboratory method to study your organism of interest, you Minnot to use some straightforward approach for proving to yourself and others that it is actually working as you expect.

For something as challenging and complex as the human virome, this new QC tool might help the field maintain eelse high standard of quality and avoid misleading or erroneous. I was even more gratified to read the abstract and see some really plausible and defensible claims being made in an area which is particularly vulnerable to over-hype.

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In this paper they used the very careful approach of re-assembling all viral genomes from scratch, rather than comparing against an existing database, and found that there was no difference in the richness of the virome ele IBD vs. When others have analyzed the same data with methods that relied on reference databases, they found a ificant difference in richness, which suggests that the database was confounding the for those prior studies.

Viruses tend to be extremely specific and only infect a subset of strains within a species of bacteria. They are also so diverse that it is hard to even figure out which virus is infecting which bacteria. Therefore, with our current level of understanding and technology, viruses in the human gut are really best approached as a marker of what bacterial strains are present.

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