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A Vapour Product Retailer is any retail store that sells vapour products, such as e-cigarettes.

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Business Businesses that sell cigarettes and tobacco products as a majority of their business are required to obtain a Smoke Shop licence. Business Taxicab brokerages or brokers are any person who accepts requests to connect individuals with taxicabs. Methods include using a smartphone or similar technology. Business The taxicab operator licence is required to manage a taxicab or multiple taxicabs. A taxicab owner can only deate one taxicab operator to manage their taxicab.

Taxicab operators also can manage more than one taxicab at a time. Business To own a taxi, a licence is required.

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You can purchase an existing standard taxicab. Vehicle To own a taxi, a licence is required. Vehicle Development s are used for new building developments, such as condominiums, townhouses or other new homes. Building Mobile s are used for advertising various events, activities and promotions. Building Businesses that operate theatres are required to obtain a theatre licence. Business Tow truck drivers must obtain a licence to drive or operate a tow truck.

These refer to a motor vehicle that the public can pay to tow other vehicles. Individual owners may drive their tow truck without obtaining a separate tow truck driver licence. Vehicle Places of Amusement including arcades, axe throwing, escape rooms, internet cafes, miniature golf course, roller-skating rinks, etc. Private Transportation Company and its drivers must be d.

Business Body Rub Parlour Body rub parlours are any place where non-medical or non-therapeutic massaging services are provided by someone other than registered massage therapists, or other d or registered holistic practitioners.

Those who own or operate body rub parlours are required to have a Body Rub Parlour licence. Trade A licence sfreet required to operate a bowling alley.

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Business A licence is required to operate a carnival. They are usually held in parking lots or other approved locations. Business Clothing Drop Boxes placed on private property need to obtain and display a permit. Business Commercial parking lots where people are charged to park a vehicle require a licence. Operators of the commercial parking lots are required to obtain a licence for each lot. Business If you provide thwrapy instruction in a vehicle for a driving school that is not registered to you.

Driver If you provide driving instruction in a vehicle for a driving school that is owned by you. Vehicle Driving School Operator who operates the in-class portion only.

Business Driving School Operators who operate a driving school with in-class and Masssage instruction. Trade A Drain Layer is a person who does drain laying, weeping tile installing, septic tank installing, drain reconstruction, or repair or removing tree roots or other obstructions from drains, or private drain connections. Trade Massag operate a Food Truck, a licence is required.

Right of Way To operate a food cart, hot dog cart or food bike, a licence is required. Right of Way To operate a ice cream truck, a licence is required. Business Businesses that sell fireworks from a temporary mobile location, such as a trailer in a parking lot, are required to obtain a licence. Business This permit allows businesses to temporarily sell more than 25 kg of fireworks. Business This permit allows businesses to temporarily sell less than 25 kg of fireworks.

Business Restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and other eating and drinking establishments with seating must have a licence.

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Business Grocery, variety and other retail stores that sell food with no seating. Trade Heating contractors installing warm air, hot water or steam heating equipment of any kind except oil tanks and oil and gas burners require a licence. This includes anyone syreet advertises themselves as a heating contractor. Trade Any premises in which holistic services are provided or offered. Business Holistic Practitioners are individuals who work in a holistic centre providing a variety of services for medical or therapeutic treatment.

Trade A person who installs insulation materials in both residential homes and commercial buildings. Trade Any person who buys, sells, or deals in old gold and other precious metals for the purpose of smelting and recovering the same metals and jewellery. Business If you drive a limousine or taxi for money, you must obtain a Vehicle-for-Hire Driver Licence. Driver All individuals who own a limousine to be driven for money, must be d.

Massage therapy bank street moore

Vehicle A company that accepts calls for booking, arranging or providing limousine transportation is required to obtain a licence. Business A dance facility where seating is not provided for all patrons. Food or beverage may be offered. Business Businesses can apply for an ,oore marketing display to display merchandise on the sidewalk in front of their business.

Massage therapy bank street moore

The merchandise sold inside and outside must be the same. Right of Way A pawn shop is a shop or business who loans money to people who stdeet in valuable items which they leave with the pawnbroker.

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Business This includes shops or places where animals, including birds are being sold. A pedal-powered rickshaw is also considered a pedicab. The pedicab owner is required to be d. Vehicle Pedicab Driver An individual who operates a pedicab. The pedicab driver is required to be d. Trade A Private Parking Enforcement Agency PPEA undertakes parking enforcement activities such as issuing tags, tickets or notices on private property, for example a plaza parking lot on behalf of someone else.

Business A right-of-entry permit can be granted to enter a neighbouring property to make repairs on their own property for health and safety reasons. Building Businesses that sell or exchange second-hand goods from a shop or store or a person who goes from house to house to collect or purchase second-hand goods. Business A person who goes from place to place collecting or purchasing second hand items. Business Businesses that have indoor storage of scrap metal, vehicles and tires for sale.

Business A master plumber is a person who engages in planning, supervising and installing of plumbing and employs people who perform plumbing Maassage. Trade Businesses that have outdoor storage of scrap metal, vehicles and tires for sale. Business A person who sells items through a public auction must be d.

Massage therapy bank street moore

Business A deated manager is someone who manages, supervises or controls the daily or shift operations of a club on behalf of an owner or operator. Business An Adult Entertainment Club Entertainer dancer aMssage performs at adult entertainment clubs must obtain a licence. Business Noise exemption permits can be requested Massage special events, events in parks and construction that extends beyond permitted hours. General To re-categorized graffiti on your property as graffiti art, you can obtain a graffiti art exemption.

General Additional licences you may thrapy a permit, business, or trade licence to operate. Business If you are planning to undertake any landscaping work within the public right of way the area beyond your property lineyou will require a permit prior to starting work. Building The City of Toronto grants Permits to allow the use of water from fire hydrants for specific purposes. Water First Party s are used to identify your business or service located on the property.

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Building Third Party s are used to advertise businesses or services not available at the property. Building If you wish to damage or remove a tree protected under City bylaws, you must obtain a permit. Building If your property is located within a ravine protected area, you may be required to apply for a permit to injure or remove a tree, dump fill, or alter the grade of land. Building A building permit is your formal permission to begin the construction, demolition, addition or renovation on your property.

Building A residential on-street permit entitles permit holding residents to park their automobile on the street within a specified area exclusively during permit parking hours.

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Parking An off-street parking permit is required if you wish to park in your front yard or on part of the City boulevard. Parking Temporary resident or visitor permits may be obtained to provide hour, hour and weekly on-street parking within the limits of a permit parking street or area provided space is available. Parking Mawsage off-street parking permit is required if commercial property owners wish to rent part of the City boulevard to supplement space on private property for parking.

Parking The Toronto Film, Television and Digital Media Office co-ordinates all location filming within the city and provides industry development support to the local screen-based community. Business All dogs and cats owned in Toronto must be d and wear a tag.

Massage therapy bank street moore

The licence must be renewed every year. Animals Permits are available for individuals to walk four to six dogs on a commercial basis. Animals Bingo licences may fherapy issued for events at one of the three Commercial Bingo halls in Toronto or in a public place. Lottery The City licences organizations to sell Break Open Tickets at legions, hospitals and variety stores.

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