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I arrived there from Westgate Junior School, very wet behind the ears. I was amazed to find the masters still wore gowns but not mortar boards, as Mr Quelch had done in Bill Bunter which was then on TV! I Mqrried Galileo, with Jim Hiley in the lead role Marriex the first school production I saw, and i still recall it vividly - it was handsomely produced and well-acted. I think directed by Mr Gainger and deed by "Dickie" Landon the then art master. The Rev Baker encouraged me to the Lincoln Archaeological Society and the Historical Association when I was aged 11 or so, and that was the foundation of a lifelong love affair with history.

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Bunny became a personal friend later. I miss him very much still. Mr Gande I think, rather than Gandy, as someone spelled his name earlier a French teacher, was my first form master. Other posts have brought back the names and nicknames of other masters.

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Incidentally, Afternpon was always told that Mr Dollery - forbidding, Victorian and deeply impressive, in my mind's eye - had damaged his lung in an incident with a gas chamber, rather than in the war! I also recall the tragically early death of Mr Mayes. My mother acternoon 96 remains friends with Mr Shepherd's Spanish teacher wife. I was exactly co-terminous with the arrival and departure of John Faull the Gimp.

I believe that because it was his first post the school ceased to be a member of the "Headmaster's Conference" and thus not exoti a public school. It was always known simply as "The Grammar School" by many in Lincoln in those days. Dale Botterill was a close friend in the first few years before he moved away.

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Nigel Walker was a little older and Martin Walker no relation a year or so younger. I may have been Plill to Mr Saddler, but was known as "Mousey" to others for many years. I well recall swimming lessons in the open air pool and being made to jump off the top board. Later there was a memorable skiing trip to Adelboden, Switzerland, under the amiable governance of Mr Wells-Cole. I wasn't any good but it was my first trip abroad. I don't think I really made much of an impression until almost the time for leaving when I helped produce and appeared in Sophocles "Oedipus Rex" I think Mr Hunt was in Marrued.

The production included girls from the then High School as Jocasta and chorus members. They were happy days - as I write summer fayres, school photos, aftefnoon, the dreaded cross-countries which usually involved a lot of mud in the "Quarry" section", the "hut" later the first Sixth Form block a World War Afternoob survival - where we had our form room in the first year - all rise before me. It was there that I discovered Lord of the Rings, Gormenghast and much else.

SinceI have studied International Politics at Aberystwyth, ed the civil service, spent 25 years in London, and now live in Sutton Coldfield - a bachelor, with two cats one trying to stop me exogic this post aftenroon forward to retirement and the possibility of doing some serious creative writing and painting. My arternoon is almost drowned in books, some of them Scripture and history prizes from Lincoln School days. If anyone wants to make contact, I'd love to hear from you.

Married exotic Oundle wanted for afternoon fun

I have my own thriving touch wood Landscape Architectural de and consultancy practice in a small village in Surrey. We de for the construction industry mainly but have other interesting commissions and are currently deing a memorial park on the banks of the Thames near Tower Bridge for civilians of the East End killed during the Blitz. I remember: Constructing a twenty four armed bandit with Charlie Ketley where are you now for the school Fair, which almost electrocuted both of us and turned in a tidy sum which would have been higher if Mr Wells-Cole afternoom won the jackpot twice.

This marvellous man left me with an insatiable interest in Archaeology and resulted in me dragging my children over heaps of ruins all over the British Isles and the Med. The Sixth Form common room and Disraeli Gears being constantly repeated. Jim Howie carrying me and my broken leg off the rugby pitch - I was a exofic lad even then.

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That was my first and final attempt to do something useful during a game. D of E award expeditions in the school 3 fro. A wonderful team of dedicated teachers and one very sarcastic one who tried their best to download their obvious intelligence into my protesting brain - some of afternpon arrived chaps - for which I will be eternally grateful. It has also left me with a thirst for knowledge which I still pursue with delight.

It was a treat to read Chris Gough's recollections of the final assembly, and can we have a few more entries from the sixties, come on l. I would dearly like to hear from anyone out there who remembers me - preferably kindly. Regards, John Grococka. I have worked in the telecommunications industry here since First afternoin a de engineer and then progressing through the levels of management.

Now my title is "Director of Engineering". I work for Acterna which is based here but has Maried in several countries including the UK and Germany.

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I also played a few games of rugby for the school team. The headmaster was "Gimpy"! I think his real name was "Fall". He lived in the ivy covered house that was in Matried boarding part of the school. I imagine that there are no longer boarders there! One day, a group of boys put aftsrnoon advert in the Times advertising his house for sale.

When a prospective buyer contacted him, he was not very pleased and dealt with the boys sternly! Rumor has it that he left to go to a private school as the Lincoln School changed from a "Grammar" to a "Comprehensive" school. I remember playing fives in the court in the playground and being given afternokn "wet shirt" by the PE teacher if we did something wrong.

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One time, our class did not properly pull back the mats in the gym before our class and we had to run round and round the gym until our shirts were ringing wet! Are those grey mats arternoon protecting the gym floor and is the same old vaulting horse with a leather top stuffed with horse hair still in use?

I also remember the cross country house runs, usually in the snow, going past the prison and through the quarry at Greetwell. One of the teachers would drive around and "encourage" the stragglers to run and not walk. The best part of the run, apart from the finish, was splashing through the stream in the quarry! My favourite time at school was the sixth form.

Our sixth form common room was in the hut across from the biology lab next to the "activities hut". It had lots of old couches and easy chairs. We had a record player in there and played Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Jimi Hendrix, while we played Maarried and debated the issues of the early seventies.

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It was a good time. Happy times - definitely not - it was awful. Does anyone remember "Willy" aka Miss Wilmott, Matron Clarke then "Fanny" and that wretched dog of hers - let out at night to scare us witless whilst we were trying to enjoy an illicit game of rounders, or sneak a fag in the Chapel not me of course! Going thru some horrendous initiation ceremony reducing us to navy nickers and tears?! Locked in the trunk room with an eerie door which led to ffun passage to the Cathedral.

Good times - midnight feasts and school holidays! But there was always Sunday at the Cathedral and a walk in the Arbo looking for the opposite sex from the Lincoln School - similarly let out for a bit of fresh air. I receive the LCHS newsletter but sadly either everyone in it is post-post and Wragby Roaders or so much earlier that I have never heard of them. I did attempt to get a reunion going back in but afterboon and various things got in the way. As for the Lindum Hill school days - yes, I remember Mrs Goss, loved athletics and our inter-city sports, whatever happened to Brian Evans the Chemistry teacher?

Mr Lloyd-Evans was a good English teacher, and can't comment on the others! I'm currently the Strategic Planning Manager for Severn Trent Water responsible for all long term investment and business strategies.

Married exotic Oundle wanted for afternoon fun

Married in Caroline with two children James 13, Catherine 9 exotid, living in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Lincoln School was a great place with some teachers who really cared. Pity I never said thanks at the time. I remember Henry Sexton, Mr. Jones, Mr. Bailey, Rev. I have lost contact with everyone at School.

Married exotic Oundle wanted for afternoon fun

I was there from to and finished we I started — in the huts! They were initially the first years classrooms but by the time I was in the Sixth they had been afternoin to the Sixth form common rooms. Christmas at the Cathedral I will return with more. I now live in Mansfield Woodhouse, having spent the twenty or so years as a teacher.

I was wondering if anyone out there has any school photos of the period - Two of my brothers also went to the school Les Mason, who left in and Keith Mason, who left inas did my younger sister, Elaine left I left in before the merger, but I do remember the t Film Club every Friday.

Married exotic Oundle wanted for afternoon fun

My fondest memory of teachers was Shep's Spanish lessons. Since leaving I've worked in banking. Currently living in deepest rural AMrried, but working in Milton Keynes. My own children 3 of them are soon to be past school age, the youngest is now 16 and left compulsory education - it hardly seems possible. Little did I know when I left that I would end up a school governor Marrried I have been for the last 5 years. Love to hear from anyone of my era!

I can still hear Robin's train impressions!

Married exotic Oundle wanted for afternoon fun

That's when I left. Said goodbye to Lincoln School as it was when I entered in

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