Looking for a control freak



The disks on arrival are stacked inside the body of a small magentic tool. The tool has a removable tip to allow the magnet full power, and since each disk is metal it is a simple matter of picking up the disk with the magnet and inserting it onto the front element of the Control Freak where three other small magnets hold it in place even if you are pointing the lens straight down.

Looking for a control freak

The magnets in the Control Freak keep the disk from escaping as you remove it. Focussing first at f2 and then placing on an aperture disk seemed to work best, and Lokoing I was playing with what I wanted in and out of focus I set up the camera to shoot tethered so as to immediately see the resuts of shifting the focus plane.

Does your inner control freak control you?

Using magnification of the LED screen on the camera was suitable as well but always required me to shift those trifocals a Lookinh and I found tethering to be less bother. So, what did I photograph with the Control Freak?

To do this I used the tilt on the Control Freak to throw the blade and handle out of focus second picture Below you see the out of focus OOF of the knife blade, sheath and knife handle. Exposure was simple; the instruction booklet suggested that I use manual exposure and feak that Aperture exposure might also work.

6 dangers of being a control freak parent

In the case of my Nikon D I found no difference between using flr exposure and Aperture exposure, and I ended up using Aperture exposure Lookimg all my shots. Check out the complete line of Lensbaby lenses including the Control Freak at Lensbaby. Tags applebellows camerablurbokehcamera lenscamera lensesCanon lensfrreak lensesComposerControl Freakcreative effectscreative effects slr lenscreative focuscreative photographyHolgalenslens babiesLens Babylens for canonLensbabieslensbabymacmacro lensMusenikonNikon lensNikon lensesphotogrpahyreviewselective focusslr camera lenstilt-shift lens By Dr.

Looking for a control freak

Michael N. Roach Dr.

Looking for a control freak

Roach is a retired Professor of Art from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Control freak

You Micromanage Others If you're the type of person who needs to know what everyone is doing at all times, you just might be a control freak. According to X.

They want to be CC'd in every because they cannot trust their team. Instead, let your employees hold each other able so you can relax and feel less stressed. You Judge Other's Behaviors "Judging freao is a form of controlling behavior. It makes the person feel temporarily better about themselves by diminishing the other person," says Hokemeyer. Judging behavior as a defense against feeling judged. So the person who judges others is hyper critical of themselves and was judged at some point in their lives by some ificant person is being inferior in some ificant capacity.

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To avoid the pain they experience cohtrol feeling judged they act offensively by maliciously judging others. Try to figure out why you're being so judgmental and see if it's something you can fix within yourself cotnrol you can help others grow rather than judge them from afar. Somewhere, typically very early on, in the persons trajectory of life, somebody hurt them emotionally or they suffered physical injury.

This hurt gets embedded in their central nervous system where it causes them to control their life," Hokemeyer. Don't let your past dictate your present.

While being afraid of the possible outcome of an unknown situation might be terrifying, it might be a better idea to take a deep breathe and trust that your past won't be repeated again. Lookking Control Your SO's Financial Situation Even though money can be a touchy subject in relationships, it's better to vocalize your concerns instead of trying to control how your partner spends their money.

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They make their partners justify their expenses and criticize them for spending on things that they deemed unworthy of expenditure," says Hokemeyer. You Constantly Criticize People "Constant criticism is another way of controlling. They criticize the clothes they wear, their friends, their career choices, their food choices. No matter what their Loiking say or do, it never seems dontrol be good enough," says Hokemeyer. If you're constantly critiquing the people you care about, you may eventually push them away.

Looking for a control freak

Let your friends and family be who they want to be and give them support whenever they need it rather than forcing them to do what you want. While having complete control over your life is not necessarily a bad ffreak, managing how other people live their lives can be.

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