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Hello, I am not sure why I am writing this to be honest. I guess it is because I have these wifr rolling around in my mind and I have no one to talk to. I don't feel like I am mentally in the head space for a relationship at this point in my life.

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However if I were I think I have learned something recently or shall I say I have made some conclusions about this process we dating. I read the here on sxe a somewhat regular basis.

Lonely wife seeking sex Andover

For the longest time I judged those who had very specific ideas about the appearance of person they were looking for. I ed them shallow. However recently I made a Andovver that has me to rethink my position on the matter. If we are being honest with ourselves we have to admit that there is a specific type of individual that catches our attention over others. For those of you that say no give it some thought and I think you sez realize that it is true whether you want it to be or not.

The thing is this is not a bad thing. It is good Andoveg know what you are looking for and not be afraid to say it. As long as the responses are honest the more specific you post is the better your chances for success in the long run.

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I have posted a few myself and gotten a few dates. I proudly announced that I was not concerned with looks or age or things Anodver such a shallow nature. I met some wonderful women and had some good times. However things never seemed to work out. I realize now that it was my fault for misleading myself first and foremost.

Especially when we are lonely we think we can make certain sacrifices if we just had someone so we would no longer be lonely. Thing is, that only works for so long and then things just seem to fall apart.

It was my fault every time for not being honest with myself and the women I was dating about what I was really looking for. I know that now.

I see all of these very specific ideas from many of you about seking you are looking for in a whole new light these days. I am glad that so many of you are able to say this is who I am and this is what I want. For some of you it may be a tall man of maybe a man with long hair is important to you. What ever your taste is it is ok and don't be afraid to share it. The more you understand and realize about what you are looking for along with the courage to say it to the world, the better your chance of actually finding the one you are looking for not the one you will settle for at the moment.

Understanding who we are and what we want does not make us shallow.

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It makes us human and that is a beautiful thing. There is no shame in honesty.

I only wish I had understood ssx earlier in my life and I say kudos to all of you that already knew all of this. The questions to ask yourself if you are considering posting an ad is, who are you REALLY and what are you looking for? If you can answer those questions you are going to be ahead in the long run.

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So now the question is who am I? I am a lbs.

Hair color not crucial but if I was being honest blonde is my favorite. And the eyes, who would have ever thought eyes could be so important? Blue eyes seem to touch my soul Andovrr I look into them. It sounds like I have just described the stereo typical woman to some of you but I know that is who I want physiy.

She would need to be between 30 and sed in age. She must love but have none of her own. I have tried the blended thing with my ex-wife and it was tragic for my.

Lonely wife seeking sex Andover

I will never put them through that again. As far as wanting I am unsure how I feel about that. I do love babies and if she was "The One" and it was important to her Seekkng would want to make her happy however at 41 I am not entirely sure I am ready to start over again? She must be independent and have a career of some kind. I know that her levels of and annual income are not factors for me.

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At the end of the day I want a Beautiful woman that will help me to feel alive again. So the question is what gives me the right to ask for such things given who I am? I do not know. I guess what is important about this is that I am not asking for anything right now, just talking to whom ever is willing to listen. I am not sure who I am right now but I do know what I want when I figure it out. I thank any of you who took the time to read this whether you agree with me or not.

I hope we can all eventually find what we are looking for.

Lonely wife seeking sex Andover

Being honest with ourselves is the first step to finding our dream. Please remember that. Good Luck to you all.

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