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Contact About Will you be her? Let me know if we can make it a reality. You drive into the night, the only sound your tires singing on wet black pavement eant the rhythm of your own heart. You watch your small hands griping the steering wheel so tightly your knuckles are white with anticipation. You are amazed, why should you feel this tension?

This is no new experience, you know this.

Ladies want sex tonight Strandquist Minnesota 56758

This is no single night's lust with a stranger. Always a step ahead yet never leaving you wanting, drawing you deeper into yourself. There have been Minnestoa when you felt it. Felt that at long last you had reached a point of comfortable predictability. Even thought smugly of the accomplishment.

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Then in a gleam of his carnal eye your world reeled in a flurry of pleasure that you had not even dreamed existed. He 5678 never lead you to harm, never betray your body in any way, But you know that you will follow without hesitation, as your desire's perfection is his completion. A fleeting scent of your perfume touches your nostrils.

Reminding you of your preparation for this night. From the moment your rang at noon you have been preparing.

Choosing the clothes, perfumes, and clothing for your supposed "casual encounter". So simple hisladen with promise. No hello, Nor even a simple goodbye.

Ladies want sex tonight Strandquist Minnesota 56758

None of the usual endearments you have become accustomed to. You answer theyour mind racing on the million different paths the responsibilities of your day demand. You hear his voice, a roommotel then the hollow click of the receiver. Nothing more, not waiting for your reply, he does not require your assurance, he knows you will come. You know this lover, but not as he knows you.

A slightly nervous laugh escapes you. For the first time you understand that he is already making love to you. He has been doing so since noon. The thought fills you with awe and adjucation. Heat rises through the folds of your cunt. In anticipation, you press your narrow foot down farther on the accelerator. The road has become your antagonist, the dark rival that stands between you and your craving, seeming to grow as you devour each mile.

The drive feeling like a lifetime quest for sexual gratification.

Ladies want sex tonight Strandquist Minnesota 56758

You realize the extent of his devising. He knew! He knew you would srx from nervous anticipation to barley controllable lust while driving. IMnnesota as if he is in the car with you, making love to you even now. Stoking your fire, fanning you to the point of incineration, without even touching your body. The wetness between your eager thigh's attest to his success. The scent of your own lust begins to mingle with the scents you applied for him.

The dark of evening embraces you and helps to conceal your true intentions. Tonight, your sole purpose is to be filled, ravaged, and fucked.

You feel your heart quicken, pulsing in your throat. Strxndquist you pull into the gravel drive you see his car with satisfaction, even relief, you thank this mindless machine for carrying him safely. Parking before the aging room more desirable to you now than a suite in the finest hotel, your senses are enchanted with the silence.

Your mouth is dry, your pulse hammering, your pussy is quivering, and your hands are trembling. You now have no responsibility, no job, no stress. Your only obligations are to yourself and to ease the rising sensations emanating from your thighs. You Minensota what you need, you know what you must do. He's there, waiting for you.

All complications and social pleasantries are gone. Tonight it's about your needs, your fantasies, and your desires. He exists solely for your own please. You are simply a creature of nature doing natures bidding. You enter the room locking the door behind you to shut the world out and your passion in. You say no words of greeting, nor does he.

You do not even look for him in the dim light. You have no need, You know it is him, his Strandqkist fills you. Slowly he moves behind you licking the back of your Strandqquist while his hands move under your blouse massaging your soft stomach before moving upward toward your breasts. Closing your eyes you bend your head forward your breath becoming deep and slow as your nipples harden beneath his touch, the palms of your hands become moist and warm with anticipation.

Gently he removes your blouse kissing, nibbling, and licking each new bit of flesh he exposes. Sucking your breasts into his mouth, his tongue feels like cascading Ladies want sex tonight Strandquist Minnesota 56758 flicking your now fully erect nipples. His head slides down between your cleavage he moves downward leaving a trail of goose 65758 on your skin, stopping only for a moment to lick your navel as his hands slide Stranquist the back of your smooth bare legs and begin running along the curves of your tight ass.

He slowly licks your mound with lust in his eyes and your tight skit becomes a thing of the past. You know this lover, you know he has no desire to quickly take you, drain his passion at the expense of yours and go. This lover wants your your body, explore your deepest desires at times gently and tenderly teasing you ecstacy.

At other times demanding and forceful making you to submit to the primal passions that dwell beneath the surface and broke the rules of socialized conduct. He takes his time to unzip your skirt sliding it deliberately over your hips while kissing the front of your dampened panties. He can taste your excitement, your panties are soaked through staight past their the silk, before pulling them down your shuddering legs with his teeth.

He stands back to drink in sight of your naked body with eyes that thirst.

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He is still fully clothed and you stand unconcealed before him feeling vulnerable and exposed. His arms at last enfold you pulling your body weak with need to him. His mouth feels hot on yours his breath sweet, deeply kissing you. You melt into his Minnesoat chest, rejoicing in the roughness of his clothing and the delicacy of your nudity.

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He lays you face down on the bed and you hear him remove his clothes. You wish to turn and look, to see the muscles move. Still you resist the temptation to gaze. The fate of your passion is in his expert hands not your own. So you lay face down in scarce contained anticipation and wait. You feel a shock of warmth as he pours heated otnight on your bare ass letting it run between your rear cleavage seeking your depths.

His warm hand explores you. Slowly slipping an oil slick finger into your rear passage, letting you savor the intrusion, stroking you long and leisurely allowing you to sexx each slow caress.

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You can think of nothing else. He removes his finger and his tongue now moves Stdandquist the lips of your labia moving deeper with each pass until he begins licking the sensitive opening.

He does so with a hunger born of appreciation for each texture, scent and reaction of your existence. Your skin burns with the fever of arousal, though you do not notice it the blush of passion has formed patterns between your breasts.

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A glistening sheen of sweat forms on your naked back as your world becomes more and more focused. There are no problems to solve no bills that need paying. At this moment there is nothing but Strandqkist sheer sensation and adoration for the man that now devours the most private portion of your body with untamed abandon. You feel your need rise toward the moment of completion.

He feels it too and holds you there. His tongue and hands expertly keeping you on the verge but not yet willing to let you fall into the well of release.

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