I ready for a serious relationship



Maybe you're coming off of a bad breakup, maybe you've just been focused on other things.

And, ironically, one of the s that you're ready to be in a relationship is that you're happy being single. Happiness and confidence attracts the same.

25 sure s you're really, truly — finally — ready for a relationship

Ultimately, you may know in your gut whether or not you're really ready for a relationship. The idea will feel appealing, but not in a desperate way, and the thought of it definitely won't make you panic.

But if you're feeling on the fence about it, and just not sure, here are the s that you're ready to get into a relationship, according to experts, because it's worth waiting as long as it takes to be sure. How do you know if you're possibly being too picky? If this rings true, that's OK — you may not be there yet.

You may want to take some more time for yourself for now. But if you still have anything that's on your relatiionship list that requires you being single, go for them.

Serious relationship food quiz

How long should you wait? Is it just because your friends are? Or you're scared of being single? If you answered yes, then it's a good idea to be single a little longer.

I ready for a serious relationship

They're essential for keeping a relationship healthy. If you have a tendency to just give everything to your reltionship at the sake of your own health or happiness, you need to take a look at your boundaries. There can be a lot of social pressure to be in a relationship, but don't listen to it.

I ready for a serious relationship

Being in a relationship is great, but only if you do it when you're ready.

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