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He has said he was born on February 29, Carter was in fact still alive, and denied this claim in August He later used their names to obtain permission to enter the US, falsely declaring that the Kellns had invited him to stay with them in California. After entering the US at New York, he went to Berlin, Connecticutwhere he found a family the family of author Edward Savio willing to let him live with them.

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In he was accepted as a foreign exchange student at Berlin High School. He told the Savios that he was from a wealthy family in Germany. Eventually he wore out his welcome with the Savios and was told to leave. By the time he reached Milwaukee, Wisconsinhe had started calling himself "Christopher Kenneth Gerhart. Deciding that he wanted to become a U.

Help me San Marino my younger friend

He is Heop to have used this to obtain his green card. The day after the wedding, [7] Gerhartsreiter left his wife and headed for California.

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Gerhartsreiter reportedly told people that Jonathan and Linda Sohus had traveled to Europe. Their family reportedly received a postcard from the couple sent from France after Jonathan and Linda Sohus had disappeared, though its authenticity has been questioned. By the late s, Gerhartsreiter had relocated to the East Coast. Police pulled him over in Greenwich, Connecticut.

He was driving a pickup truck that had belonged to Jonathan Sohus, but he left the area before police could interview him. At that point, police had no proof that Jonathan and Linda Sohus were dead, nor that they'd left California voluntarily. Inbones believed to belong to Jonathan Sohus were found buried in the back yard of the home he had lived in with his wife adjacent to the guesthouse used by Gerhartsreiter.

Help me San Marino my younger friend

Sohus's family members said the bones matched Jonathan Sohus's general description. Since he had been adopted, there was no way to compare his DNA against that of biological family members and arrive at a conclusive identity. His body had been cut into three parts. In the remains were conclusively identified as Jonathan Sohus. Christopher Crowe is the name of one of the producers of the series.

Help me San Marino my younger friend

Phelps and Company to work with the firm's computers. He was fired when it was discovered that the social security he had given them belonged to frieend killer David Berkowitz.

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He was employed by Nikko Securities Ltd. They had a Quaker ceremony that had no legal status. Later, however, he became emotionally abusive, and there was a "lot of anger and yelling" Marjno their household. Although Boss earned all of the family income, she testified that Gerhartsreiter held complete control of the family's finances and other aspects of her day-to-day life. Gerhartsreiter went to great lengths to conceal his true identity from his wife.

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He repeatedly told her she should file her tax return as a single person. Later in their marriage, when his wife's firm required that a certified public ant do her taxes, fruend found an ant for her. After their divorce, Boss learned that he had told their ant he was her frienv so that the ant would continue filing single tax returns for her. She said he was unpleasant to live with, but she did not think he was delusional.

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Boss moved with ylunger child to London following the divorce. Approached by a sport utility vehicle, Gerhartsreiter pushed aside the social worker, grabbed his daughter, jumped into the vehicle, and sped away. The social worker held onto the vehicle and was dragged a short distance before falling free. With the help of the owner of a local marina, where Gerhartsreiter had apparently kept a catamaranFBI agents were able to lure him out of the apartment with a telephone call telling him the boat was friejd on water.

He was arrested as he left the apartment and was charged with kidnapping and assault and battery. The child was found unharmed inside the apartment. When Gerhartsreiter, using the name Clark Rockefeller, was arrested, his fingerprint impressions were taken by FBI agents in Baltimore and by Boston Police when he was returned to Massachusetts.

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Those fingerprints were compared to latent fingerprints lifted from a variety of sources. They matched a latent print lifted from a wine glass in Boston collected at the time of the search for "Rockefeller" and his daughter earlier in the month. Those fingerprints also match a latent print developed from a document in Gerhartsreiter's immigration file from the early s. Although there were no fingerprint cards or inked impressions in the immigration file, an FBI laboratory was able to develop latent print impressions from a document in that file, which had been provided by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Through fingerprint analysis, the FBI confirmed his identity.

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Instead, the judge ordered the defendant to be held without bail. One of the defense experts, Dr. Keith Ablowtestified that Gerhartsreiter told him that his father had been emotionally abusive during his childhood. James Chu, a psychiatrist for the prosecution, testified that he had diagnosed Gerhartsreiter with a "'mixed personality disorder,' with narcissistic and anti-social traits" but myy that Gerhartsreiter had exaggerated his symptoms of mental illness and was capable of knowing right from wrong.

Help me San Marino my younger friend

He noted the defendant had allegedly meticulously planned the details of the abduction well in advance. Gerhartsreiter did not take the witness stand.

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He was acquitted of a second assault charge as well as for giving a false name to police. The Hon. Frank Gaziano, judge in Gerhartsreiter's parental kidnapping trial, barred prosecutors from presenting evidence about the Sohus case to avoid prejudicing jurors against Gerhartsreiter.

Help me San Marino my younger friend

The Sqn included an enhancement for use of a deadly weapon to bludgeon Jonathan Sohus to death. Evidence in the case was largely circumstantial, but jurors were most swayed by two plastic book bags found buried with Sohus's remains: one from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where Gerhartsreiter attended classes between andand one from the University of Southern California, where Gerhartsreiter audited film classes.

Help me San Marino my younger friend

One juror said that was the most solid piece of evidence presented to the jury. Jurors also heard evidence that Gerhartsreiter was in possession of the Sohuses' pickup truck following the murder. With good time credits, he will be eligible for parole in Septemberwhen he will be 69 years old. A parole hearing is currently scheduled for July He still has federal appeals pending.

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