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The myth of the bleach-drinking masses

These stories are just that, stories, and do not promote or condone the activities described herein, especially when it comes to unsafe sexual practices or sex between adults and minors. She had about acres, which was aded on all sides by farms owned by her numerous brothers and sisters, cousins and other vaguely related family members.

Life was fairly simple and for the most part everyone was self-sufficient to a degree not seen anymore. One Fuck wid drinks maybe more my uncles kept a hundred head or so of cattle on the land. One steer provided beef for the year. Chickens, all you could eat plus eggs. Fruit trees and wild berries provided for jams and jellies. Every farm had a black family or two, more or less sharecroppers, who basically worked for food and shelter. In Summer County the blacks and whites lived side by side and were dependent upon each other.

Most of the land was forested, with large tracks of tree-farm pines, and other tracks of mixed hardwoods, tracks of pastureland, fields of feed corn and soybeans, plus a few scattered plots of cotton just enough to qualify for a government subsidy not to plant cottonand a multitude of ponds. Through this idyllic land ran a small meandering river that provided several swimming holes.

The largest one was for the white family-community, a smaller one was used by boys only for skinny-dipping and a third one the least desirable of the three was for the blacks. This was during the age of Jim Crow and segregation was the norm.

Fuck wid drinks maybe more

It was different then, very different. Blacks had no opportunity to get ahead, just a limited opportunity to get out. In Summer County, they were for the most part de facto chattels. Nigger simply meant a black or somebody with some black blood. It was a fact and not meant as an insult, regardless as to how offensive that term is today.

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The norms of society had been set many years before and no one questioned it. For a white to buck the system meant ostracism; for a black to buck the system meant possible sudden death in the middle of the night. Separate schools, separate churches, separate drinking fountains, separate swimming holes. To a kid, the intricacies of segregation were sometimes baffling.

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It was perfectly understandable to me as a boy that no blacks could use the family swimming hole. During my summer long visits, I would do whatever chores were ased to me, and attempted to make whatever repairs were necessary until someone who actually knew what they were doing could fix it properly. Every morning, I would get up at the crack of dawn and go with Granny to tend to the garden. I would then help the blacks tend the garden. There always seemed to be a dozen or more people there at the table at mealtime, but including the Beelers, she and the kitchen girls cooked for thirty.

I was never, ever bored. I had quite a few first cousins, but there were always periods of weeks on end where I would be the only grandchild staying with Granny.

Fuck wid drinks maybe more

Despite being negros, Charlie, Hambone, Peanut, and Reed Beeler were my friends and my afternoon companions for fishing, swimming, and goofing off. With the exception of Peanut, they were all older than me, with Charlie and Hambone being one year older, and Reed was nearly three years older. Altogether there were sixteen or more Beelers living in a ramshackle three-room house that looked to be on the verge of collaspe. Resources for the blacks were very limited.

Charlie and the other black boys wore the same clothes, day after day until they out grew them. Nobody under sixteen wore or even had shoes. Then an electric pump was installed on the water well and a line was run down to mkre Beeler house. It was difficult for me to understand just who was who in the Beeler household, as Charlie, Hambone, Peanut and Reed were cousins or half-brothers or whatever.

Older men just seemed to come and go, never staying more than a few days or weeks before moving to another location. I was about twelve when I reached full-blown puberty. Charlie, Hambone and especially Reed began to treat me differently than before. That early summer was awful. If I wanted to swim, I had to skinny dip alone.

Nore isolation was terrible.

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In the mornings I urged Charlie and Hambone to come hang out with me later that day, but they rarely showed up. One afternoon in desperation I went down to the Beeler house to find Charlie. A little brother or cousin, dressed in rags, told me that the four boys and two sisters had gone swimming. I knew I was breaking a major rule of social custom, and that if Granny found out, wdi would skin me with a razor strap or worse. I was allowed to go anywhere else but not there. Being very familiar with the surrounding woods, I knew when I was getting too close.

I was well aware that I should turn back and leave things well enough alone, but I pressed ahead. As I got nearer, I could hear laughter and the Fck in Fuckk water.

Fuck wid drinks maybe more

Then I caught a glimpse of Hambone, bare-assed naked, swinging on a rope swing. I stopped. I pressed ahead and coming into the clearing I stopped dead in my tracks. I had heard about such things from my older cousins and I had seen enough dogs, pigs and cows copulating.

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The rhythmic motions were unmistakable! Charlie was fucking his sister!

Fuck wid drinks maybe more

I stood googly-eyed and felt my pecker growing stiff. Standing beside them was Reed, streaked in red mud, slowly pumping his big dick. Charlie was furiously humping away. He jerked and rolled off to the side. Reed replaced him, getting on top of the girl, and began slowly thrusting his hips. Charlie saw me, grinned and waved for me to approach. He and Hambone splashed across the shallows.

I remained frozen as if my bare feet had taken root.

The two black boys ran up to me. Reed had gotten up and was looking at me across the river.

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Ella Mae sat up. She was first naked girl I had ever seen. She was very dark and like all black youths in those days she was thin. What caught my immediate attention were her tits.

Reed pushed her back down and started fucking her again. Charlie and Hambone charged back toward the water taking a swing together into deep water on the rope swing. I slowly stripped off my jeans and tee shirt and pulled off my white cotton briefs all the while watching Reed and the girl fuck on the opposite bank.

I retrieved the rope and when I looked down the steep bank I saw another of their sisters on the bank below sucking off Peanut. I was shocked. As shocked as I was, my dick responded normally and stood straight out. I turned bright red. Hurriedly, I swung out and dropped into the cool water. I came up and swam for the shallows, ing Hambone and Charlie. Standing in nearly waist deep water, I slightly crouched to maintain modesty.

On one bank not fifteen yards away, Reed was slowly sawing away on top of Ella Mae. Twenty-five yards away on the other bank Peanut, who was a year younger than mqybe, now began fucking his tit-less younger sister from behind. After ten minutes or so, Peanut pulled away and dove into the water. The young girl, all of ,aybe ten, started to get up.

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I dumbly watched the lewd spectacles on both banks while Charlie and Peanut got into a splashing game. Here were these two black maybbe, one ten, eleven max, and the other fifteen or so, openly fucking their brothers while I watched. Reed splashed out to me. I was unsure what I should do. Have yo? Yo one of dem boy lovers?

Fuck wid drinks maybe more

Yo get ta fuh two girls. Then she waded out to Reed and me, her back still covered in mud.

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