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Eugene V. Debs writings.

Haymarket Books will be the publishers of the 6 volumes. For weekly updates on this valuable historical project, please. This year is also the th anniversary of the the Socialist Party of Americathe party founded by Debs.

Debs wrote for many of the hundreds of socialist newspapers journals and magazines that existed during his life. Debs Internet Archive. We thank Robert for his comradely contributions. Lastly, we have been linking to various E.

Debs was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, on November 5, He left home at 14 to work on the railroad and soon became interested in union activity. Two months FFree he was jailed for his role in a strike against the Chicago Pullman Palace Car Company.

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While in jail, Socialist and future Congressman Victor Berger talked with Debs and introduced him to the ideas of Marx and socialism. When he was released from prison, he announced that he was a Socialist.

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He became their perennial presidential candidate. He ran on the Socialist ticket in,and when he received his highest popular vote—about3.

Many Socialists were imprisoned during this time because they felt that the war was being fought for the profits of the rich, but with the blood of the poor. Debs was fortunately released in Debs died datting Elmhurst, Illinois, on October 20,but he is remembered to this day by countless labor activists from all over the political spectrum.

The Eugene V. Debs Foundation works to continue his legacy into the 21st century Debs for a full ing of his life and times.

Free dating friend in Eugene

Debs is located here: Biographies and Critiques of E. Debs Table of Contents.

Free dating friend in Eugene

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