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Most oversize moves occur during daylight hours, between sunrise and sundown. Only extremely large oversize movements may happen at night to avoid disturbing heavier day time traffic. These moves are well lit and are accompanied by a convoy of support vehicles, including police escorts.

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The truck driver and escorts communicate on UHF Radio, channel These vehicles can be travelling very slowly from sixty kilometres an hour to one hundred kilometres an hour, depending on size and weight, and state laws of course. Anything wider than two and a half metres is oversize, and the truck carrying this load will be flashing you with bright yellow, rotating Ecsort and displaying a banner across the front.

If you are approaching the rear of such vehicle, you may see a bright yellow beacon, and warning advising the load is wider than normal. If the load is preceded by more than two pilots and a Police Traffic Escort, the load is huge and you will have to pull over in a safe place off the road. This indicates the load is more than four and a half metres wide.


Sharing our ro is the key. A good tip if you are a regular traveller of our highways is the use of a UHF radio. It could save your life, or at the very least, your caravan or motorhome. A Escrot stone rockhampyon are the least of your worries if you fail to give way to oversize vehicles. A two-way radio allows you to scan or monitor channel 40 and communicate with the large or oversize vehicles.

Escort west rockhampton

There will be strategic information which you can use to your advantage to make your travels safer. Most of the time the radio language is purely and simply information about road and traffic conditions. There is a very short window of chat opportunity when passing in opposite directions.

You may need to back off and make some room. We have six metres. Please find a safe place to pull over.

Escort west rockhampton

We have two at four and a wwst metres. They will do everything in their power to keep everyone in the vicinity of the load as safe as possible.

Escort west rockhampton

Your co-operation will make their job much easier. So be on the lookout for pilot vehicles and their oversize lo and share the road safely for a better traveling experience for all.

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