Come sit in hot tub with me



Share Facebook Houzz Pinterest When it comes to outfitting an outdoor space, hot tubs are must-haves for many homeowners. Adding a hot tub to your deck, however, requires careful planning. You need to consider everything from ensuring adequate structural support to determining the optimal location for the tub to understanding electrical requirements.

We have collected some great tips and advice from deckmagazine.

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Among the key takeaways: consult local building codes, engage the services of qualified, d professionals as needed, and always keep safety top of mind. Deck layout or structural decisions should be made after selecting your hot tub or spa, experts suggest.

Come sit in hot tub with me

Shown here: Fiberon Composite Decking. Some other words of wisdom: Spend some time researching manufacturers online.

Test-drive the tubs. Consider time and costs associated with routine care and maintenance and available warranty coverage as well, just as you would with a decking purchase. Remember that delivering and installing these behemoths can be a Comd. Be sure to discuss costs and procedures with both the spa retailer and your deck builder to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to calculate the necessary structural support A flat, level surface such as a concrete slab is the ideal location for a hot tub. How do you calculate the load to determine the necessary structural support?

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To size the joists and beams accurately for such a heavy load, most builders will consult a structural engineer or use beam-de charts, calculators, or software packages created for deck builders. If the deck is elevated, an engineered de is usually required by local authorities.

Ready to plan your new outdoor oasis? Shown here: Fiberon Horizon Decking. Other builder recommendations: Ensure there is adequate room around the spa for the cover lift to function and air to circulate. On larger decks, consider traffic flow around the space. Take note of prevailing winds.

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Locating the unit near the corner of the house tends to accentuate the wind, some builders say. Factor in the orientation of the sun and location of trees. A privacy screen, pergola or other de element will shield your space from the people next door. Ensure there is a door nearby or a well-lit path for quick dashes indoors on chilly evenings.

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And if the thought of running barefoot across a splintered wood deck makes your wince, upgrade to low-maintenance, easy-on-your-toes composite decking from Fiberon. It never needs staining, sanding, or refinishing. Fiberon Horizon Decking in Ipe emulates the warmth and beauty of exotic hardwoods, and offers lasting durability and year performance warranties. Determine whether you or your builder will be responsible for hiring the contractor, obtaining permits, and ensuring all necessary electrical work is completed appropriately.

Since water and electricity never mix, a ground-fault circuit interrupter GCFI is a must-have.

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This device will shut down the system immediately if it detects a change in current flow. A nearby emergency shut-off usually within feet of the unit tb also required by code. Plus, if your tub will be sitting on a concrete slab, the electrical wiring must be run in conduit and placed before the concrete is poured. Many builders recommend installing the hot tub so that its edge is inches above the decking.

Guests can sit on the rim and swing around into the water more easily.

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For hott located on top of a deck, stairs are in order. Children, in particular, are more likely to step on the cover or even fall into the spa. Of course, if you have children or expect young guests, a cover with a lock — and, of course, vigilant adult supervision -- is essential.

A locking cover for your spa and constant adult supervision are essential if you have children or young guests. Shown here: Fiberon Horizon Decking in Ipe.

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If the spa is partially recessed, the experts at deckmagazine. To learn more about hot tubs — and to download valuable safety information — visit the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals website. This post was updated for accuracy on June 19,

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