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That by reason of transgression cometh the fall, which fall bringeth death Rugged, beautiful, and at the very heart of the mystery surrounding the death of Faylene Grant. Something happened here. Exactly what, even years later, is still in dispute. Here's a picture Doug took of Faylene just before -- he claimed -- she slipped and fell off a cliff-- 60, maybe 80 feet. The fall should have killed her. But Doug said Faylene landed in a tree that slowed her fall and saved her life.

Why doubt his story? For one thing, Mormn get to the cliff, Faylene would have had to climb over an imposing man-made wall. Josh Mankiewicz: Was she the kind of person that would approach a foot cliff and-- Glenna: No. Josh Mankiewicz: --kind of lean over the side? Glenna: That's what's strange about it. Jody: Fay was never a daring person.

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Glenna: Never. Not close. Jody: Very cautious. Glenna: Kind of wimpy. Records show no calls for help that day. No report of trouble. Doug did take Faylene to a nearby hospital. She had cuts and bruises, but no broken bones. The doctor doubted she really fell 60 feet. Tree or no tree. So what did happen? Each family had suspicions, very different suspicions. Here's Doug's sister Tammy: Tammy Fuentes: When I heard about the accidentI worried that maybe she may have tried to take her own life at that point.

Why would she think that? Because, Tammy says, Faylene had mood swings, fits of depression, for years. She even recorded them in her journals, in handwriting that seemed as agitated as she was. I see he isn't feeling what I feel and it kills me! Faylene's family says she was never truly suicidal. They thought all her troubles started and ended with Doug, including, perhaps, that fall off the cliff.

Faylene's brother recounts a conversation he had about it with Doug. Douger: He kept telling me that he was ten or 15 foot away from Faylene. And he said that multiple times. And I-- and I thought it was odd that he would keep clarifying that he was ten or 15 Cheating wives in Mormon lake AZ away from her. Josh Mankiewicz: Almost as if he wanted you to remember that detail.

Douger: Just a very odd detail. The couple stayed in Utah two more days, visiting the hospital twice more, then flew back to Phoenix, arriving the afternoon of September Danny Fuentes: She had on dark glasses and her arm was in a sling. And obviously she was battered and bruised, but she was able to speak to us And what did Faylene say?

Attempted murder? Attempted suicide? Tammy Fuentes: She said, "I'm so clumsy. Tammy Fuentes: She told me that she slipped and fell. And she told about hitting the branches in the tree.

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She would land in one branch, fall down to the next, fall down to the next, fall down to the next. Josh Mankiewicz: --and saved her life. Tammy Fuentes: And she told me she should've died up there. She said, "I should have died up there. He prescribed painkillers, and sleeping pills: Five tablets of Ambien. That night, Cherlene called to check on her sister. Cherlene: Well, Doug had left to buy the prescriptions.

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And I called her. And she was happy, healthy, glad to see her. That would have been about p. Sometime, somehow, during the next 13 hours, two things happened. Faylene took the all the Ambien, and then she went under the water. The detective who came to the Grant home was a newbie, who did almost no investigating. He snapped just five photos and left without securing the scene. He didn't dust for fingerprints. He didn't measure the depth or temperature of the water in the tub.

He didn't even save the bottles of medication Faylene was taking. Soon, everyone wished he had done a lot more. Josh Mankiewicz: You're describing a fairly diabolical plot here-- Det. Sy Ray: Correct. I will bring forth out of darkness unto light all their secret works One said, "Faylene's death at this time appears accidental. For one thing, Faylene had mysteriously fallen off a cliff just three days before.

For another, they say they could never get a consistent story from Doug about how his wife drowned in her own bathtub in the early morning hours. Jody: Well, one of the stories he told was that-- he woke up and she was Motmon get ready to get in the bathtub. He asked if she needed help, and she said, "No. The other story was that he helped her into the bathtub.

It's right Cheating wives in Mormon lake AZ lxke the police reports. One officer writes, "Douglas remembers seeing Faylene walk into the bathroom and remembers hearing the bathtub water running. He fell asleep Cherlene: Right. And certainly, Doug didn't help matters by marrying Hilary, his supposed ex-girlfriend, just three weeks after burying his wife. Even his own family was disturbed by it.

Tammy Fuentes: I told him I thought it was way too soon. You know, he should wait. But it's possible everybody would have just dealt with their grief and shock and suspicion and moved on, except for one detail. Mornon police reports that day quote Doug as saying he called police and fire, but there was no record of a call from the Grant home.

Doug did call Chad White, the Cbeating assistant who had prescribed Ambien to Faylene. It was Chad White -- not Doug Grant -- who called And what he said in that call was hard to explain. Gilbert Police Detective Sy Ray started looking into the death of Faylene Grant nearly six months after it happened, long after Faylene was buried Mormonn Doug had married another woman. Josh Mankiewicz: You weren't really sure whether this was accidental or a homicide? Sy Ray: No. We didn't have hardly enough evidence to-- to decide what it was, whether Cheatlng was accidental, suicide, natural, or anything else.

Cheating wives in Mormon lake AZ

But he did have that tape. It raised obvious questions. Why would a man who had Cheatign found his wife underwater call any besides ? Why would he be afraid to call? It raised other, less obvious questions, as well. Sy Ray: When Chad callshe actually reports this as an overdose. Never mentions bath tub. Never mentions water. Chad White had no clue she was even in the bath. And then when officers arrive, Doug im mention the pill bottles, it's more of an accidental drowning that he's claiming to officers.

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Josh Mankiewicz: And he doesn't mention that she took all these Ambien? Doug and Faylene were not the only people in the house that morning. Faylene's daughter Jenna, 11 years old at the time, was there with her two younger stepbrothers-- Doug and Faylene's. When police interviewed Jenna four months after Faylene's death, her story didn't match Doug's. Detective: You woke up the next morning atand he was standing in the kitchen?

Jenna: Mm-hmm. But the phone records showed Doug called Chad White Cheatingg nearly a half hour after Jenna says she saw him in Cheatin kitchen. Sy Ray: Doug's story just didn't make sense that he woke up out of bed, ran and found Faylene in the bathtub. Then there was the matter of Faylene's life insurance. Not true. And she and Doug had recently applied for a lot more:Detective Ray looked at Doug Grant's phone records, too.

Sy Ray: The thing that jumped off the was the immediate calls to Hilary after the remarriage to Faylene. So, what was the point?

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Sy Ray: He explains that he would be Guinevere, that Hillary would be more or less the role of Lancelot, and that Faylene would be the role of King Arthur. And King Arthur dies. Josh Mankiewicz: The King Arthur character essentially says, "I'm not going to be around anymore, so therefore you, Lancelot, be with Guinevere. And within Morrmon day or two of Faylene's death, Doug had what iwves to be a clandestine meeting with Hilary.

Josh Mankiewicz: He meets Hilary in the park and what happens? Sy Ray: Several things. Ray got the story from a close friend of Hilary's. Sy Ray: He gives her money, tells her that she's going to be the mother of his children soon and that she needs to go out and enjoy herself. Gives her-- Josh Mankiewicz: How much money does he give her?

Oh, and one other thing. Sy Ray: He also grabs her by the hips, tells her that he missed 'em. Josh Mankiewicz: He missed her hips? Sy Ray: That's the statement that was reported. By the time Sergeant Ray called Doug and Laje down to the police station for questioning, it was July ten months after Faylene's death. Detective Ray had no smoking gun-- but he had plenty Cheatijg smoke. ,ake Doug Grant knew it. Doug Grant: Just awful. I mean, you absolutely have possibly in your mind that I had a major possibility of hurting my wife.

Doug also seemed more confused than ever about the circumstances of Faylene's death. Doug Grant: Kake know the story I want to make up in my head, but I-- I'm not going to because I don't know it to be true, and I don't remember. Sy Ray: OK. Sy Ray: It was clear to me after that interview that Doug was Cheating wives in Mormon lake AZ information. That he just wasn't willing to openly speak about ih that occurred in the case. And yet, even though Doug had trouble explaining his actions He had plenty of much-needed help.

The fall from the cliff, the insurance, the calls to Hilary, the meeting in the park, marrying his girlfriend just weeks after his wife died, perhaps even the death itself All of it could be explained. And not by Doug, not by Hilary, but by Faylene. You've Momron seen and heard some of her writings. But you ain't seen nothing yet. I want you to be the mother of my children.

Behold, I speak unto you as though I spake from the lale There was just one problem. Josh Mankiewicz: Pretty hard to charge somebody with murder when the victim writes a bunch of letters telling everybody goodbye. Sy Ray: It is. It's very hard.

That's exactly what had happened. In the days just before her death, SeptemberFaylene had written to virtually everyone in her and Doug's family, as well as to close friends. Dozens of letters. Letters that seem to say, "farewell. My last letter since I don't think they have mail delivery from where I'm going. She named her successor for the title of Mrs.

Tammy Fuentes: "The deepest desire of my heart is that she and Doug will be together immediately so that all of your family, my family, and the children can feel the bonding and the love and respect I have for Hillary. Faylene wrote an even stronger letter directly to Doug and Hilary with an almost inconceivable request. Josh Mankiewicz: How do you explain that?

Sy Ray: You can't. There is no reasonable explanation for a letter like that.

Remember, over the years, Faylene had written in her journals a of times about suicidal thoughts. Her family insists she was never really suicidal. Jody: Who in their life hasn't at least once thought, you know, life would be easier if just, you know, drove my car off a cliff? It's just a figure of Cheatin. But they acknowledge Faylene sometimes felt death was near. Glenna: She didn't think she was gonna be here very long.


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And that was all she ever said 'cause I said, "Faye, you're h-- young, you're healthy. You have all these little. Josh Mankiewicz: That lwke strike AAZ as odd or alarming? Glenna: No, I mean, as a mother, I didn't wanna dwell on it. But, no. Faylene-- she was close to the Lord. Faylene's closeness to the Lord, if that's what it was, manifested itself in other Chheating. Here's a journal entry from May oftwo months before she decided to re-marry Doug.

Faylene seemed to think a baby girl was waiting lske her there. These two different visions, or feelings-- one that she was not going to live long, the other that she was supposed to have a baby girl, seemed to coalesce after Faylene remarried Doug in the summer of One way we know that is through a series of letters Faylene wrote to, of all people, Hilary. Sy Ray: Hilary made it very clear that after couple days when she found out that they had been remarried, she wanted to talk to Faylene.

She felt that Faylene owed her an explanation. And-- Josh Mankiewicz: I would be thinking that the guy owed me an explanation. Sy Ray: A reasonable person would. But Hilary and Faylene spoke And, strange as it may seem, started talking regularly by phone and writing letters to each other. Hilary was lame Mormon And Faylene took on the role of spiritual wices. Growing up my mom worried so much about me thinking I was too deep and a fanatic. She took Hilary into her confidence Faylene: "There are things I want to share with you and I have to know first that Moromn will be Cjeating between us because they are not of a trivial nature!

Faylene: "I have had extremely deep feelings that Heavenly Father has and is continuing to prepare you for a major calling in this earth life. She revealed what she believed Hilary's calling to be. Faylene: I want you to be the mother of my children. I want you to remind them that they are not only precious to Heavenly Father, but to their mother who has been physically called to serve her mission elsewhere The sum of the letters is this-- Faylene expected to die, and wanted Hilary to marry Doug as soon as possible and help raise their children.

She even wrote in her journal that Hilary would bear the baby girl Faylene believed was waiting in the pre-existence. Faylene wrote a will. She died two weeks later. Did Faylene kill herself? Doug's family, who'd seen her depressed-- thought it Cheating wives in Mormon lake AZ possible. And, they Cheatjng, on the day she died.

Cheating wives in Mormon lake AZ

Faylene's family thought so, too. Danny Fuentes: I was there when Faylene's parents arrived. And-- she said, "Faylene finally did it this time, didn't she. Danny Fuentes: Right. Josh Mankiewicz: This is her mother talking about Faylene? Danny Fuentes: This is her mother. Glenna:I never said such a thing. They say a lot of things now that are not true. And I don't know what else to tell ya, except that I never said anything cl-- nothing like that.

I was bawling. I was upset. Josh Mankiewicz: Well, is it possible you said that and don't remember? Glenna: No. Josh Mankiewicz: It certainly seems plausible to me that you don't wanna believe that Faylene committed suicide. Even if you think that she did that you wouldn't want to admit it. Jody: No-- no.

I think all of us could admit that. Because there's nothing we did wrong. But imagine you're a police detective, investigating a suspicious death. You discover that the deceased had been anticipating, even planning her demise. You might conclude you had a suicide on your hands. But reading hundreds of s that Faylene wrote, Detective Ray began to suspect something quite different. Sy Ray: I believe Faylene is very susceptible to being manipulated. Beware of false prophets Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi Each member of Faylene Grant's family received a farewell letter after her death.

Doug himself passed them out. Josh Mankiewicz: You think-- you think Doug manipulated her into writing those letters? Glenna: Yes, definitely. Cherlene: Some of them, yes. Glenna: He probably was right there when she wrote 'em. Not one of them believes that writing the letters was Faylene's idea, even though Faylene had, more than once, told them she expected to die young. Cherlene: She had a feeling she wouldn't live long. She didn't have dreams and visions and premonitions of when it would happen and how and how soon.

That was Doug. Josh Mankiewicz: Is it possible that Doug could sort of place all that in her mind? Glenna: It is possible. Doug is the most manipulating person I've ever met in my life personally. Doug's videos showed he was a brilliant salesman. At one time he'd even claimed he'd been paralyzed. Doug's brother-in-law Shan had seem him perform at sales conferences: Shan: I can remember as he was speaking and turned on these tears.

Josh Mankiewicz: He started to cry talking about his product? Shan: It wasn't hardly Cheating wives in Mormon lake AZ presentation that he gave that he didn't cry. And literally by the time of walking to getting off the stage, his eyes are bone dry. And he says to me-- he says, "Now that's how you work a crowd. Detective Ray says that to do it, Doug exploited Faylene's faith. Sy Ray: There's-- there's quotes all over in her Bible and her journals that if it's coming from a prophet or if it's a revelation, you don't question that.

And, he says, Doug set himself up as Faylene's prophet.

Cheating wives in Mormon lake AZ

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