Bar rescue hot Big Lake Minnesota girl



Now Jon must figure out if the son can get his act together or if his father should let go from the business.

Bar rescue hot Big Lake Minnesota girl

Note: For the recon, Jon and his experts used the Villagio Cinemas which is located next door to the bar and has the same owners. As such, the team used one of the cinema's movie screens rather than watching it on a computer in Jon's vehicle.

Jon later learns that that represents only the rent that isn't being paid and isn't an accurate figure and has two of the owners spend the night figuring it out, uot to Jon discovering that the managing partner has been charging all Bae of personal expenses to the bar something that is fraud and embezzlement. Jon states that the bank statement he is shown in this instance is the most incriminating set of information against a manager he has ever seen.

Louis restaurant owner could lose everything as her out-of-control nephew and unqualified manager run her sports bar into the ground, unless Jon can get them in line.

Bar rescue hot Big Lake Minnesota girl

This is also the fourth episode where the owner watched the recon with Jon. The Bar Rescue editors missed it on the closing Lakf, the bar doesn't want more costumers, they want to attract customers back in.

Also, the bar lost their liquor again as the county ruled the bar was outside their jurisdiction by only about feet. Taffer encouraged viewers to a petition to have the ruling overturned.

The owners of Piratz tavern appeared and appear to make amends with Taffer and the bar is now closed. However, they reveal plans to open a new bar in Orlando called "Bar Refuge".

Now his brother calls upon Jon to help him clean up his act.

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