Adorable blond in my last session

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Adorable blond in my last session

Here are some of the highlights from his session…. Oldfields Photography […]. Me and my adorable cousin Ben, right after I dyed my hair red at home for the very first time.

I dyed my hair red from a box every four to six weeks for roughly three years. In the beginning, it was bright red and I loved it.

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Then I wanted something a little more natural-looking, so I spent the last year or so dying it a dark reddish auburn. Last summer, it faded back to a reddish strawberry blonde color and I contemplated the idea of going back blonde, since it Adodable gotten so light over the summer.

But needless to say, once fall hit, I was back to the dark auburn red. My orangey-red strawberry blonde hair that resulted after spending the entirety of Summer in the sun.

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By January ofI lost steam. Dying my hair every few weeks was exhausting. I stared at my blonde roots and instantly, the decision was made — it was time to return to my natural color. I started researching how to turn my red hair blonde and watched a few YouTube tutorials that talked about using "Color Oops," twice, then bleaching your hair, all before dying it blonde.

The girl in the video did this all in one weekend.

Adorable blond in my last session

Something about that seemed difficult to me. I figured I would either need to space out these steps over a few weeks to avoid having my hair fall out, but have an awkward hair color as I tried to remove three years worth of Adorabble pigments, or I would have to go to a salon.

Adorable blond in my last session

Luckily, blonv of box dye fumes did not completely erode my ability to make rational decisions, and I made an appointment with Aveda. The process began with a color consultation, where Varty-Kaslow assessed the condition of my chemically-treated red hair and I showed him pictures of my desired color, specifically photos of Cara Delevingne's and Gigi Hadid's perfect balayage blonde and a photo of my naturally blonde hair from my senior pics baby Melanie had a very nice, natural ombre, NBD.

Adorable blond in my last session

He declared that it would be a process, but that it could be done while also keeping my hair healthy. After a week of prepping my hair with the Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment which makes your hair amazingly soft — I would highly recommend it even if you aren't coloring your hairI walked into the salon for my first appointment. Lifting the red pigment from my hair, esssion is essentially using bleach to remove color that had been applied to my hair repeatedly for the last few years.

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This step is always kind of a gamble — the color could lift quickly and easily, or it could be difficult. My hair lightened to an orange color, not exactly the most flattering look, but definitely lighter and definitely a step in the right direction. After sfssion washed out the color-removing, miracle-working, lightening bleach, he applied several conditioning treatments to my hair, making it feel almost stronger and healthier than before the bleach was kn applied.

Up next: Color.

The difference between this bleach and the color-removing bleach, is that this step includes some pigment, which helped make my hair less aggressively orange, and more of a dark "apricot" color. Following another wash and set of conditioning treatments, Varty-Kaslow applied some face-framing highlights to blend it sesskon together. After about five hours in the salon, I left with lighter hair, but it definitely wasn't blonde.

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He instructed me to continue using the Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment for the next lbond weeks while we gave my hair a break from chemicals. Three-ish weeks later, when I was back for round two: Balayage.

I can barely even imagine a world where I don't have to tweak my hair color once a month. I can't wait.

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